Windows Easy Sync for Alfresco

On- and offline Enterprise Content Management

The Alfresco Enterprise Content Management solution provides an easy-to-learn and intuitive user interface to the customer. With additional modules the functionality of your Alfresco system can be extended quickly and easily. Currently Westernacher offers specific integrations for office applications and mail clients for example. With this integration you can directly access your Alfresco Repository out of the available applications.

For frequent use cases the core functions of a document management system meet the requirements: integration to the file system, check-in and -out of documents, access the metadata – with the Windows Easy Sync for Alfresco we address exactly this group of users.

Due to its functionality, the integration is known also as Alfresco Offline Explorer. It enables you to work with off-line processing and the subsequent synchronization of documents from your Alfresco repository objects. As such, it is integrated directly into Windows.

Check-In / Check-Out

Seamless Integration

With the integration of the Windows Easy Sync document management it will be as easy as working with the file system:

  • Drive-/Folder-Mapping – During the module installation on the client a selected area of the Alfresco Repository is assigned to a drive or directory of your Windows file system. This requires only entering the URL, user name and the Alfresco password.
  • Easy Synchronisation – You can synchronize the repository and the local copy with a single click, possible conflicts between central and peripheral changes are detected and resolved.
  • Full receipt of the authorization system – Individual rights of the Alfresco Repository are completely preserved, the user will only see files with the assigned access rights.
  • Check-In/Check-Out– The user can check-in / check-out documents for local processing – the accidental, simultaneous modification of documents by multiple users is excluded and the system-compliant version control ensured.


  • Offline-Editing – Documents can easily and automatically be edited offline and synchronized during the next connection to your corporate network easily and automatically
  • Meta Data Access – in addition to the documents in the Alfresco Repository the associated metadata can be accessed out of the module – therefore the Westernacher Windows Explorer Integration for Alfresco differs much to the popular file systems such as CIFS or WebDAV
  • Performance – the module communicates with the central Alfresco Repository via Web-services and thus avoids the performance-critical overhead of protocols like CIFS or WebDAV

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Screencast Windows Easy Sync

By using Windows Easy Sync from Westernacher document management is as easy as working with the file system – and thus increases the user acceptance significantly. The integration represents the following functions: Drive-/Folder-Mapping, easy synchronization with a single click; complete support of Alfresco authorization system; offline editing of documents, complete metadata access (even while offline use).