Lotus Notes Integration 3.3 for Alfresco

Seamless collaboration between Alfresco and Lotus Notes

The mail client is the most frequently used daily tool at many workplaces. E-mail is also the common “transport highway” for documents to be filed in the central re­pos­i­to­ry of the Enterprise Content Management System. What is more natural than in­te­gra­ting ECM functionalities into the user interface of these mail clients?

Ansicht der Lotus Notes Integration

Overview features of the Lotus Notes Integration 3.2 for Alfresco:

Features within Lotus Notes

  • NEW! Attachment Stripping – automated deposition of attachments, link to the file will be send in the mail
  • NEW! 11 languages available – e.g. German, English, Spain, French, …
  • Drag & Drop emails and documents within Lotus Notes
  • Integrated Alfresco search (folders, documents, full text search etc.) with customizable search fields
  • Full integration of Alfresco workflow functionality
  • Attach documents (link / document) from the Alfresco repository to emails per drag & drop or via context menu
  • Context menu with numerous DMS-features
  • Edit documents online
  • Tagging and full text indexation
  • Hover-preview within Lotus Notes
  • Definition of personal favorites at site, folder and document level
  • Enhanced results display in the search tab
  • Duplicate check of all mails while archiving on repository-, site- or folder-level
  • Email Archiving with stubbing (replacement of email content with a link to the email in Alfresco) option
  • Complete email details, even if they are stored with stubbing, via the context menu in Lotus Notes
  • Open Alfresco Share or Alfresco Explorer page for every Alfresco document or folder using context menu
  • Direct navigation to Alfresco Share
  • Double-click a document to open it in the assigned application

Features within Alfresco

  • E-Mail details at a glance in Alfresco Share
  • Individual search mask for emails
  • Improved look & feel
  • Email-headerbox in the mail preview with important infos and access to attachements
  • “Start new mail”-action directly out of Alfresco

Features for Administrators

  • Support for the latest versions (Windows 8 / Notes 9)
  • Optimized for scalability
  • Perfromance optimizations in transmission of emails, now up to 50% faster
  • Centralized configuration of clients via Alfresco Admin Console
  • Easy license management

With the efficient and easy-to-use Lotus Notes Integration provided by Westernacher Products & Services AG you can secure the centralized and structured saving and filing of e-mails within the company.

“We are a Alfresco customer since one year+ however the NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT about Alfresco was the lack of ability to mail documents and store documents right from the mail client into Alfresco. Our Partner Bluefish recommended Westernacher Lotus Notes Integration.
We bought it, installed it and our customers and 500 employees love it!”Doug Edwards / PGA TOURS USA

Lotus Notes Integration for Alfresco – work directly in your familiar environment

The integrations central component is an easy to install Plug-In for the Lotus-Notes-Client. Any register of the central Alfresco repository can be defined as destination for e-mails and will seamlessly fade into the Lotus Notes folder view. By applying the drag-and-drop method the user can move the e-mails into the repository, and in addition to the mail`s automatically extracted chracteristics, further metadata can be added when configured accordingly.

Structured Information Management – flexible configuration

The filing of e-mails and their attachments can be configured comprehensively and according to the register in the Lotus Notes Plugin. Apart from the manual registration of additional metadata it is also possible to single out the filling of the text of the email or the attachments, or both. Within the context of saving, content indexation also takes place

Mailbox in Alfresco – stay organized

Once filed in Alfresco the mails are available for research and administration in a concise mailbox view. This mailbox is characterized by the following features:

  • Display of the mail content in text or HTML format
  • Access to the original .msg data file for further processing in the Outlook mail-client
  • Clear display of all attachments
  • Browser display of all attachments in more than 200 file formats (with the Document-Viewer for Alfresco)
  • Extensive search and research functions through keywords and full-text indexing

Technical Data / System requirements

  • Supports Lotus Notes 8.5.2, 8.5.3, 8.5.4, 9.0.0, 9.0.1 / Windows 7, Windows 8 (incl. 8.1)
  • Supports Alfresco 4.2.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.0, 4.1.1 – 4.1.8