Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Audit proof archiving with any storage system

Information-Lifecycle-Management for Alfresco

Audit proof archiving of records and documents is a basic and critical re­quire­ment for your corporate IT. Westernacher’s “Information Lifecycle Management” (ILM) module combined with Alfresco’s document management system fully supports you to meet auditing legal requirements.

Lifecycle Management enables you to define a document’s life cycle based on Alfresco policies. Documents are archived at the right time, in the right format (original + long-term rendition + metadata) and in the right place (your selected archiving system), in a highly automated process.


Records Management

  • Manage document life cycles
  • Define storage plans / scenarios (policies)

Archiving Agent

  • Collect all data that needs to be archived
  • Generate data collections (original document, long-term rendition in TIFF and PDF (/A) format, metadata in xml format)
  • Automated surrender to archive server

Archive Server

  • File and store data
  • Link to various hardware systems via light-weight connectors (IXOS, EMC, IBM DR 550 etc.)
  • Functionality to search and restore lost documents and data

The DMS data base can be completely restored even after a system outage through filing of all information in data container.